I’m Not a Quitter… I’m Awesome.


I am so proud of my bikini body transformation thus far. My six-pack (abs, not Coronas) is coming in, my small & large muscle groups are becoming more defined, and my waist is shrinking. I am getting much stronger in all major lifts, and my muscle endurance is improving. I am maintaining flexibility and mobility with yoga, and have added running in 2-3 times per week for fat-burning cardio. Want to see the progress? Here are photos of my physical changes:

Two Weeks In …#TransformationTuesday                   One Week Later… #GettingLean



Getting My Gains… #GirlsWithMuscles


So what’s next? Well…..I have been reflecting on how I feel about the whole COMPETITION part, or the crazy EATING plan, or the COST$ for competition prep (meals, supplements, etc) and competition day (bikini, heels, hair, nails, spray tans, etc). I know this seems like some sort of cop-out for not having to put in the work, but I am finding it hard to really connect with the whole bikini competition idea. I love clean eating. I LOVE lifting weights, HIIT training, yoga, and pretty much all forms of exercise. I just don’t love the idea of fake tanning and becoming someone I’m not. For those of you that don’t know me so well, I am NOT a girly girl. I don’t use makeup daily. I barely remember to brush my hair! #GirlProblems

Want to learn more about bikini competition costs, training, and diet?

cost: http://www.fitwithzara.com/2014/08/07/what-it-costs-to-compete-in-npc-bikini/

cost:  http://www.livelifeactive.com/2013/01/08/the-cost-of-competing-in-a-bikini-competition/

diet: http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/nutrition/dieting/12-weeks-competition-body-diet-plan?page=2

mid-atlantic competitions: https://garyudit.com/new/npc-pa-mid-atlantic-zone/

diet/training: https://www.figureandbikini.org/a/134/My-Competition-Meal-Plan

saving money: https://www.figureandbikini.org/a/49/Save-Your-Pennies-The-Cost-of-Competing

Random Selfie time… #IWokeUpLikeThis


For me quitting is NEVER an option…

I have a passion for nutrition and exercise, but more along the lines of teaching the skills and creating the habits for successful weight loss, weight maintenance, holistic wellness, mobility training, strength training, yoga and mindfulness, endurance training, high-intensity interval training, clean eating, bioindividuality, etc. I want to be able to help others and pull from my experience. Competing will not give me the experience I find necessary for everyday health and wellness.

Remember, I have NOT quit the idea of creating my “bikini-body.” I still want to make-over my diet to remove added sugars, refined carbohydrates, DAIRY, and other highly inflammatory foods. I still want to transform my body to be the leanest, strongest, and healthiest it’s EVER been!

I am SUPER excited for my body transformation!!! I will continue as if I am still competing this August (well, I AM going to the beach), and I will use myself as a guinea pig to discover the BEST diet for melting fat, building muscle, and reducing inflammation. Follow my journey on Instagram @mbrooksfit and look out for my NEW 14-day clean-eating Summer program! Makeover your diet, makeover your body. Email me at mbrooksfit@gmail.com to get updates on upcoming clean-eating and detox programs!

FITspirations: My Female Fitness Idols… #LiftLikeAGirl {Check these women out! They rock!}

christmas abbott pic          ashley horner pic

Christmas Abbott– Crossfit strong                               Ashley Horner– Super Athlete!

Instagram @christmasabbott                                             Instagram @ashley.horner

Kayla-Itsines-pic           dana linn bailey pic

Kayla Itsines– Lean HIIT coach                                     Dana Linn Bailey– Beast competitor

Instagram @kayla_itsines                                                    Instagram @danalinnbailey


‘Tis the Season to Cleanse

Day 2 of the Reception Cleanse completed!

Today was 300% more challenging than yesterday. I guess i was all excited about getting cleansed from inside out that I didn’t think about being hungry yesterday. Today, not so much. I had my Pomegranate Lemon-Aid around 10:00 AM, half of a raw-vegan egg nog around 11:00 AM (bonus drink!), and my Green Goddess around 1:00 PM. Then I became so hungry I thought I was going to do something terrible… like, eat bacon-wrapped liver or something. I survived the next couple hours by downing the Cashew Mylk, which was way less milkshake-tasting than yesterday. I suppose I had an aggressive case of HANGRINESS, you can ask my hubby (but he was also struggling). Somehow I made it to 5:00 PM when I drank my last juice of the day, Daily Green, which got me through hot yoga at Corepower. And SOMEHOW I was still thirsty after consuming only beverages all day. Weird.

Dinner was glorious tonight: Jasmine rice, roasted veggies (butternut squash, broccoli, and portabella), and an Asian vermicelli-cabbage stir-fry. All topped with Sriracha! Food! Chewing! Saltiness!

Only one more day to go! We will survive!


Some of the Reception Cleanse carnage.

P.S. The [seasonal] Raw Vegan Egg Nog from Puree Juice Bar in Bethesda, MD, is CRAZY DELICIOUS! Get it while they’re still making it! It will change your life!


yoga challenge 2014

To all those who do not follow me on Instagram, I have been participating in a few December yoga challenges:

The 10-day #YogaWithTFM Challenge – Hosted by @laurasykora @masumi_g and @twofitmoms – Sponsored by @gaiam

The 24-Day #JustBePresent Challenge – Hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga – Sponsored by @aloyoga

The 31-Day #NaughtyorNiceYogi Challenge – Hosted by @laurasykora @__gabriella__ and @vic_yogaintheworld – Sponsored by @bodyangelactivewear – This one is still going on! Follow me on Instagram @mbrooksfit to check out all my yoga photos!

For January 2015 – #RebelResolutions Challenge – Hosted by @jennifermartinyoga @actionjacquelyn @northcarolina_yogagirl and @nwoy – Sponsored by @rebelaffair

For January 2015 – #beSTRONGin2015 Challenge – Hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga – Sponsored by @aloyoga

Follow me and these other cool yogis to get inspired! Join us for January 2015 Challenges!

[seasonal] Changes

Hello @mbrooksfit Community!!!

Not much time to post right now, but wanted to give all my amazing followers a heads up for things to come:

~ Corepower Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training –> Fall 2014

~ Still studying for my ACSM-CPT exam –> Goal: ASAP

~ Prepping for the Health & Fitness Influencers Conference this October 26-28 in St. Michaels, MD. I’m a speaker!!! Come support me, learn from other leaders in the industry, and network like crazy! Register at www.eventsbywell.com and use my personal code “MelissaB” to get $20 off your registration!

~ Building an amazing business: empowering leadership, spreading health & wealth, and making the world a better place. So inspired everyday!

Things I haven’t mentioned… but are also highly relevant:

~ I quit my full-time retail job! Now I have the all the time in the world to work on MY goals and dreams. A huge thank you to my husband for being so supportive along my journey to becoming the best version of me (hello personal growth!) and following my passions.


I’ll fill all of you in later with more details! Running around like a crazy person! Thank goodness I have my healthy energy drinks to give me the focus and clarity I need to get things done!

this girl on fire pic

NWM DC 2014

What. A. Crazy. Weekend.

Friday 04.25.2014

Photo shoot for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. Treated like a model: chauffeured in black SUVs from Uber, fed delicious salads from Sweet Green, tried on the latest Nike Women’s Running Swag, and surrounded by numerous professional photographers. That was awesome. I was featured in a photo on Instagram. You can only see me from knee down, but man do my calves look great! Also, you can catch a glimpse of power in my photo from Twitter and Facebook announcing the Tiffany necklace reveal. Clutch.



10295111_707064642665328_3765506119966109636_oCourtesy of https://www.facebook.com/RunNikeWomenSeries

Pretty sweet gig. So lucky to be given the opportunity to represent Nike… and the free outfit was totally worth it! =)

Saturday 04.26.2014

Shakeout run at Nike Georgetown. 7 AM Meeting for the race pacers (myself included) which involved getting our cool race outfit: Nike Pegasus 30, breeze tank, modern distance shorts, and Pro bra. Love the colors! Thanks Nike! After that we waited for the Nike Training Club participants to arrive. Once everyone was there socializing, and the DJ blaring… they introduced 2 amazing women runners: the amazing Shalane Flanagan & the legendary Joan Benoit!

IMG_4860Shalane and Joan speaking to the crowd @nikegeorgetown

IMG_4862Left-to-Right: Joan Benoit & Shalane Flanagan

Each of these amazing women spoke about their impressive marathon endeavors, provided inspiration for the 2014 NWM DC participants, and then joined us for our warm-up and 2.5-mile Shakeout run around Georgetown. Coolness. After the run we were welcomed back with Fiji water and Jamba Juice smoothies. Super lush.

Sunday 04.27.2014

Race Day! Awake at 4:15 AM, left the house at 5:15 AM, and arrived at the race at 6:00 AM. Met with my fellow pacers, got my pace sign, and hung out in the VIP tent. Booyah! I couldn’t believe the amenities in the VIP area! There was hot breakfast, coffee, fancy tea, pastries, fruit, more Fiji water, a foam rolling station, private bag check, WARMTH, and there were 5 restroom trailers! No cold, gross port-a-potty for me! I had flushing, running water, soap, hair accessories, and even make-up removing wipes!

IMG_4873My paddle

IMG_4906At the race start

And then it was game time. The weather was perfect (50-degrees F), I was wearing a brand-new outfit (yes!), and there were 9-12 runners who were eager to PR via my 2:10 goal race time. Amy, my fellow 9:55 pacer, and I were ready to crush 13.1.


Pumped at mile 3


Amy & I after the race

Unofficial Race Time- 02:09:46, that is pretty damn close to the 2:10 goal. Holla!

Even with brand new shoes, my feet were happy until mile 10-11. I never cramped because I had Nuun at almost every water station. AND my plantar fasciitis didn’t flare up, even after my KT tape decided to peel off around mile 8 (I think I terrified the guy at the medical tent when I ran up to him screaming “I need scissors!”).

Nike does not spare any expense. Right over the finish line you are greeted with commemorative water bottles pre-filled with ice water, a booth with cold chocolate milk (I grabbed one for the hubby), goody-bags with tasty treats, a freakin’ Tiffany’s necklace, and photo-ops with handsome ROTC men dressed in tuxedos. Hey!

IMG_4908My precioussssss

IMG_4899Left-to-Right: David, Jill, ROTC hottie, me

But even with all those fabulous bonuses, my favorite part of the race was crossing the finish line and being approached by fellow runners who wanted to thank me (me!) personally for pacing them to a new PR or first half marathon finish! I nearly teared up. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for being given the opportunity to support other women through their 13.1 journey. I can’t wait to do it again. Farewell #werundc … Hello #werunsf ?