2017: New Year, New You!


Did you miss the last Easy Weight Loss challenge? Now is your time to SHINE!

Do you have BIG goals for your health in 2017? Now is the time to make the commitment!

Do you want to have more energy, better sleep, and lose a few pounds? Now you CAN!

Register before 12/31/16 to save 10% on my [New Year, New You] Easy Weight Loss Challenge! My last round of pre-holiday participants had great results and a lot of fun with our private Facebook forum! I also hold mini-challenge along the way so participants have a chance to earn cool prizes!

Learn more thru the link above, or make the leap and register HERE. Use promo code “GOALS2017” to save 10%.


One thought on “2017: New Year, New You!

  1. If you want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle in 2017, and develop a long term healthy mindset, check out Melissa Brooks Wellness and her wellness programs. Her programs are extremely do-able – she maps out everything you need to do from the start of the day to the end of the day- and she is there to help you every step of the way, which is unique. Melissa is super responsive and encouraging to questions and the support group she builds into her program are really fun and helpful along the way.

    My story is that I accumulated some extra weight over the years, little by little, and just didn’t feel ‘right’ physically and I started to try to make changes, and learn the right way to approach changing my lifestyle. I’ve lost 25+ pounds working with Melissa and I have been able to maintain it. The results have far exceeded my expectations. I’ve never missed a meal, and I’m never hungry. I’m sleeping a lot better and I don’t NEED coffee. I’ve learned so many best practices about nutrition and fueling my body versus just filling my body and it feels good to KNOW that I’m treating my body well every day and at every meal. Whatever your goals are — bringing your abs back to life, fitting into your favorite clothes, regaining your younger physique, or to feel better 24×7 – invest in yourself and reach out to Melissa and work with her. You are worth it, and she will help you – every step along the way.

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