I Don’t ACTUALLY Know What’s Best

That’s right. I am not 100% sure what I [or you] “should” be doing when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

Yup, I said it.

There is no ONE dietary theory or exercise program that will work for everyone. Heck, there’s no ONE dietary theory or exercise program that will work for me [or you]!

Our bodies and lives are constantly changing: inflammation, weight, muscle tone, disease, sickness, pregnancy, puberty, stress levels, immunity, cancer, autoimmune, mental status, community, career, family, sleep, love, interests and so much more!

How is ONE way of eating and ONE workout regime supposed to work for all of those changes? That is why I work with my clients to help determine their personal health blueprint. I teach them to be sensitive to how different foods make them feel, whether it’s good or bad. Did you know that your stomach is NOT supposed to hurt after you eat a meal?

I am not immune to these diet and life changes. Over the past 10 years, I have gone through over a dozen diet and exercise “phases.” I struggled with digestive distress, food intolerances, and crazy-limiting fad diets. It wasn’t fun, but I was learning how to figure out what my body needed to feel its best.

Take a look below at my wild diet/exercise adventure…

-Vegetarian and Spent 2+ Hours at the Gym Everyday (18 y.o.)

-Junk Food Omnivore and Exercise Bulimic (19 y.o.)

-Omnivore and got strong again with Running & Kickboxing (19 y.o)

-Junk Food Omnivore and into Swimming (20 y.o.)

-Omnivore and Played Recreational Co-Ed Soccer (21-23 y.o.)

-Full Omnivore and Supplemented my Gym Workouts with Insanity (23 y.o.)

-Pescatarian and Trained for a Full Marathon (23 y.o.)

-Vegetarian and a Complete Yoga Snob (24 y.o.)

-Vegan and doing a mix of Yoga, Insanity, Swimming and Running (25 y.o.)

-Pescatarian (no dairy) and introduced to HIIT workouts (26 y.o.)

-Pescatarian (no dairy) and Running Every SIngle Day (27 y.o)

-Pescatarian and All Yoga All The Time (27 y.o.)

-Full Omnivore and doing it all: Yoga, HIIT and Olympic-Lifting (28 y.o.)

Now: Paleo (it’s a lifestyle, not a fad diet)… Eat whole foods, avoid dairy & sugar, skip grains (or minimize intake), eat mostly organic & local, and eat foods that FEEL GOOD in your body. Makes sense, huh?

I believe in eating intuitively and to reduce inflammation. Have you toyed with the idea of living the Paleo lifestyle? I’m making my Paleo Supercharged clean-eating program available for purchase. Learn how to develop healthy eating habits, lose weight naturally, and take charge of your wellness in just 2 weeks!

If you’re like me, you know you don’t feel good when you consume too much sugar, eat bread and pasta, and indulge in cheese and ice cream. These foods are all inflammatory to your gut, and therefore wreck havoc on your immunity. We don’t get sick in the winter because it is “flu season,” we get sick because we start baking cookies and pies by the dozen, and crave comfort foods. Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Well if you gut is constantly inflamed by sugar, gluten, grains and dairy… then how are you supposed to fight off all those germs?

Now it all makes sense, right? I’ve finally figured out simple guidelines that keep me sniffles-free and energized throughout the colder months. AND YOU CAN TOO! Give Paleo a chance with my Paleo Supercharged program, and see how reducing inflammation with whole foods can change your life too!

To you health!



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