Half Vegan, Half…Paleo?

My whole life has been a constant struggle to determine my own food blueprint. I have tried too many fad diets, been a true omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, ovo-vegetarian, and now …vegan-Paleo?

I believe in eating foods that fuel my body. Foods that promote efficient digestion (happy gut), reduce candida, balance blood sugar, reduce bloat, decrease inflammation, help optimize liver and kidney function, reduce brain fog, and just FEEL GOOD in my body.

In the past couple months I have been experimenting with eating animal protein (besides eggs), again. It had been 4 years since I had pork, and I ALLOWED myself a couple homemade ribs last month… and guess what? I didn’t get sick. In fact, I felt totally fine.


So over the next few weeks I decided to let myself eat animal meat when my body craved it. I reintroduced my body to chicken, and then turkey. The couple times I had chicken my stomach wasn’t too happy, so I try to limit myself now (and stick to organic, antibiotic-free)… but I was totally fine with turkey. Pork and fish are still my go-to’s for easy digestion, especially if they are of high quality. I have yet to reintroduce beef because I remember it not feeling very good in my stomach 3-4 years ago, but that’s not to say I won’t try it.

I began studying food combining to see if it had an effect on how my body feels after a meal. Animal meats do not combine well with grains because they need different gastric environments for proper digestion… hmmm, I wonder why a cheeseburger leaves you feeling bloated?!?! Protein needs a more acidic environment for enzymes to break those big chains of amino acids into smaller ones we can absorb, and carbohydrates need a more basic environment to get digested properly in the gut. Maybe if we set our bellies up for success with proper meal planning, we might feel a little more energized and a lot less bleh after eating a big meal.

Here is an awesome food combining graphic to help you intelligently plan your meals for a happy gut:

food combining pic

Simplify by remembering that everything works well with green veggies, fruit should really be eaten alone, and done mix protein with fats or starch, and you’ll feel the difference! Less belly bloat to hide and quicker digestion to allow time for more Summer fun!

Side note: it has taken me 3 days to finish this post, and ironically I’ve been consistently interrupted by invitations to eat. Since it has taken so long, I have had the chance to re-taste beef, and I have no idea if it feels good in my body (only one bite)… but I don’t really care for the taste. That’s why I had a big and juicy pork chop the other night, instead, with kale and green beans on the side (no starch!).

Speaking of eating, here is a fun “detox” recipe I threw together the other night. It is so warm and delicious! Enjoy!


See the full recipe HERE


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