Grab a Friend! It’s Beach Season!

Everything is more fun with a friend! Even DETOXING!

I did my first Summer Detox Program last year with my best friend, and I was so glad we were able to support each other! Both of us had high-stress jobs with long hours, limited time to food prep, and crazy junk food cravings (nacho cheese and chocolate anyone?). My skin was horrible, my hair was dry, and I was just chronically exhausted. This is why I became committed to detoxing each season!!! It’s the perfect reboot to get me through 3 months of toxic build-up from stress, crazy workouts, junk food binges (yes, me too!), and the not-so-clean suburban environment we live in these days.

LAST YEAR WAS OUR FIRST DETOX, EVER. Even though the detox was challenging for us, we stuck to it and emerged as revitalized, less-toxic champions!

“Melissa’s Summer Detox is awesome! I did the two week detox last year and lost 5 lbs in two weeks! I felt great and it really helped to reset my cravings. It was a challenge, but with Melissa’s support, I did it!” -GC

DId you know: We carry 5-10 lbs of toxic waste in our bodies. GROSS! That’s why seasonal detoxes are great for kick-starting weight-loss, shrinking muffin tops, and prepping for upcoming celebrations (wedding season!). I personally lose 3-5 lbs each time I detox, which just amazes me because it typically takes a HUGE amount of focus (and cardio!) for me to lose weight! I love how I feel after I unload all of the junk and bloat form my system. It’s like being a brand new ME!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Do you want to be bikini-ready before summer’s over?

Grab a friend… or three. Let’s be our healthiest, slimmest, most energized selves together!!!

Detox Promo pic

Email me if you have any questions! XOXO, Melissa


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