10 Tips for Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin

Wellness Blog Post Week 4: Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin!

We all want to feel better and perform better, but what about LOOK better?

Why wouldn’t we want out OUTSIDE to match our INSIDE? This week I am discussing a few easy tips to create younger, healthier looking skin.

10 Tips for Healthy Skin:

  1. Limit Sun Exposure: Your skin can get UV damage any time of year. As little as 10 minutes a day of UV exposure can cause visible wrinkles in just a matter of months. Choose a daily moisturizer with built-in sunscreen of at least SPF 30, and use NRF2-activating skincare to promote cellular healing from UV damage.
  • Vitamin D: Get early-morning sun exposure to replenish your vitamin D reserves. Stuck inside all day? You can take a vitamin D supplement, check out what dosage is right for you here.
  1. Reduce Stress: Simply put, stress shows on your skin. It’s not just a matter of undesirable frown lines. Cortisol, the stress hormone comes out to play during periods of prolonged pressure, can cause inflammation in the body, and that can break down collagen. In addition, cortisol can cause redness and acne flare-ups. So take the time to breathe deep, go for a walk or run—whatever calms you. Supplement with a NRF2 activator to naturally reduce cellular stress; I recommend Protandim, made of 5 common herbal ingredients that turns on your body’s antioxidant enzymes. Oh, yeah!
  1. Wash Away the Day: You’re likely to be aware of your skin in the morning as you’re getting ready for your day, but the most important time to give it attention is actually at night. The dirt and bacteria that settles in throughout the day, plus any leftover makeup, can clog pores and cause blemishes. Before you turn in for the night, use a gentle cleanser that will take the grime without stripping your skin’s natural oils.
  1. Nutrition is Key: “Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well. The healthier the foods are that you consume, the better your skin will look,” says Samantha Heller, MS, RD, a clinical nutritionist at NYU Medical Center in New York City.
  • Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums. The common link between these four foods is their high antioxidant content.
  • Consume Good Fats- Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oil, and Flax Seed. These seemingly unrelated foods all deliver essential fatty acids, and thus are key foods for healthy skin.
  1. Hydrate: Missing the mark on your eight glasses a day isn’t the only thing that can affect your skin’s hydration. Dry air, harsh soaps, and skin care products that contain alcohol can also make you feel shriveled. So drink your water, and use a good moisturizer as soon as you cleanse. Covering up with a scarf or using a humidifier can also help keep moisture locked in.
  1. Don’t Smoke: Smoking, with many other harmful effects, also bring with it puffy eyes, skin infections, wrinkles, premature ageing and even skin cancer. Because smoking constricts the tiny blood vessels in the outer skin layers, less blood can get there to nourish the skin with oxygen and nutrients. Smoking can also damage collagen and elastin. Even the facial expressions used for smoking (puckering the lips, squinting the eyes to keep smoke out) can contribute to fine lines.
  1. Use Toner: Perhaps the most often skipped step of any skin care regimen, toner can make the biggest difference. The right toner can rejuvenate your skin and help even out skin tone. Be sure you look for one that’s not too harsh. A good toner will balance and brighten your skin. Try the Truescience Perfecting Lotion: A revolutionary, hybrid (toner + serum) lotion for smoother, radiant and brighter looking skin. This Nrf2-packed formula helps diminish discoloration and visibly improves skin tone.
  1. Stay Active: Your skin is no exception to the many benefits of regular exercise. Stick to a workout routine, and your skin is likely to firm up. That’s because cardiovascular workouts nourish your skin with oxygen and boost collagen production. So get your heart pumping and watch your skin snap into place.
  1. Stay Cool: It can be relaxing to sit back in a hot bath, but don’t do it all the time. Hot water removes oils from your skin. Shorter showers that are more on the warm side are gentler on skin and less likely to strip it of its own natural defenses against aging. Just ace these basics, and you’ll find that radiant skin you were meant to have.
  1. Don’t Forget Your Eyes: The delicate skin around your eyes can be the most susceptible to bags and wrinkles. A gentle eye cream or serum can be just the thing to naturally lift and tighten the eye area and give you a younger look. This stuff is the bomb! Truescience Eye Corrector Serum: Deeply moisturizing, this rich eye serum visibly tightens and firms upper eyelids to help with tired looking eyes. Got baggage? This serum diminishes puffiness above and below the eye, evens skin tone and dark circles that are visible signs of premature aging.










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