Get AHEAD in Your Wellness Profession!


Are you a health coach, holistic practitioner, nutritionist, physical therapist or fitness professional?

I am a certified holistic health coach and fitness professional, with 9 years of experience in the industry, and I hold the opportunity to share information with you about a 22nd century category-creating health technology that will be a major disrupter to the direct antioxidant industry.

What is it? What are wellness leaders talking about at major anti-aging conferences? How are wellness professionals (physical therapists, holistic practitioners, yoga instructors, personal trainers, etc.) adding VALUE to their services? You can know about it now, or in 10 years when everyone else will.

If you like to be “in the know,” early to trends, or think outside of the box, email me at to learn how to get involved at the ground-floor! Separate yourself from the pack!

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Yoga Posture A Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Yoga challenge 2

I keep falling behind on my many yoga challenges: #beSTRONGin2015 and #rebelresolutions Oops! I’ll catch up soon!

NEWSFLASH! I’m creating my own daily fitness challenge for February. Each day will feature a specific exercise or yoga posture, both because I believe in cross-training for a complete balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. The tag for the challenge will be #ShowMeYourAXIO with each day themed for AXIO Energy Volt  or AXIO Endure Charged, the 2 “energy” drinks I use for interval & strength training, yoga practices, mental clarity and overall wellness. Get ready for 28 days of fun!!!

Follow me on INSTAGRAM as @mbrooksfit to join the challenge (I will post information on how to join the challenge, and each daily challenge the evening before it’s featured). Follow me on my adventure to become the best version of myself!

2015 = Best Year Ever!

2015 Will be my best year ever… well, my best year since I was born… THAT was an AWESOME year =)


Why I think 2015 will be so great?

1. I started teaching yoga at Foundry Fitness in The Kentlands (Gaithersburg, MD)! This has been an amazing experience! Even though I am still working on building my community of yogis, I have already discovered my passion for teaching. I love connecting with my students, helping them discover the yogi within, and giving my students a full-body workout that improves flexibility, strength and balance.

2. I’m in a fantastic continuing education yoga training program at Corepower Yoga in Bethesda, MD. Their Extensions Program has already blown me away! (it has only been a week!) Learning to manage the environment, build a playlist, find my yogi voice, and practice assists/adjusts… the yogi teacher knowledge!!! NAMASTE!!!

3. I have fully committed myself to building my current business. I have partnered with the best company in the world… the mission statement is “We make people better, and in doing so we make the world a better place.” I told myself that I deserve ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, and the chance for ultimate PERSONAL GROWTH. I am passionate in finding business partners who are motivated, fun, natural-leaders, caring, grateful, creative, coachable, healthy, powerful, strong, and have the burning desire for change in their lives!!! We were put on this Earth to be more than an employee, to be worth more than an hourly wage, and to do more than live for the weekend. INSPIRE CHANGE TODAY.

4. I will be a model 27-28 year-old. This will be my healthiest year: nutrition, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, confidence, spirituality, love, honesty, gratitude, community… continuing 2014’s theme of #rad2014 … Cheers to a #rad2015 !!!

What will YOU do in 2015? SHARE in the comments section!