Detox Just to Retox

Screw that “I’m going to wait until after the New Year to get healthy” mentality! Start NOW!

The hubby and I decided to start out health goals early with a beginner juice cleanse; preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebration and balancing the Christmas cookie overhaul.

We chose to try the Puree Juice Bar Reception Cleanse: 4 raw vegan juices during the day, then vegetarian/vegan dinner of your choice in the evening. It also allows the occasional adult beverage =)

Here is the flyer:


Just finished Day 1, and it wasn’t too bad! Woke up SUPER hungry because we went out salsa dancing last night and had a few adult drinks, so the Pomegranate Lemon-Aid was not the most satisfying. Fortunately my body adapts well to these cleanses so I wasn’t starving when I drank the Daily Green after a quick yoga practice teaching session at the gym. Around 2:00 PM, my tummy started rumbling so I mixed up the cleanse order and had the Cashew Mylk, next, to get some protein and fat into my digestive system. I felt so much better after that! AND it tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake! Of course Ben and I saved the “best” drink for last: Green Goddess, which is like a juiced salad. Tastes like liquid celery, very “clean.” I definitely missed the sweetness that pineapple and apple gave to the Daily Green, but got through it so I could enjoy our delicious vegan dinner. We celebrated day 1 with homemade vegan summer rolls with a soy-honey-peanut sauce. DELICIOUS! CRUNCHY! I definitely appreciated being able to chew my food!


Two more days to go! Cheers to health!


2 thoughts on “Detox Just to Retox

    • OMG it was amazing! Raw cashews, vanilla, dates, and alkaline water. Just like a vanilla milkshake! I’ll definitely have to post about the vegan egg nog I’m trying for a little morning treat today! =)

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