We made it!

Day 3 of the Reception Cleanse completed and we (the hubby and I) feel like champs! The last day was somehow a million times easier than the second day, maybe because the end was near, so we powered through our 4 drinks and around 6:30 PM we celebrated with some delicious Chipotle (vegetarian for me of course!).

So what did I learn from this experience? Good question!

I learned that definitely need to be better hydrated, I felt so clean (for lack of a better word) and full of energy on this 3-day cleanse since I was drinking 64 ounces each day before eating anything. Well at least on days 1 & 3 I felt energetic.

I learned that I let food control my emotions, HANGRY anyone? On day 2 my hunger definitely got the best of me and vegan drama queen broke loose!

I learned that the detoxes/cleanses are WAY more tolerable if you do them with a friend because when you complain, there’s someone who understands, and who just doesn’t think you’re crazy for not quitting and tells you to “just eat a burger.” So partner up!

I learned to really appreciate food, and chewing. As my co-cleanser said, “I would’ve killed for a cucumber.”

Lastly, after an inspiring phone call with another health coach and wellness professional, I learned that you CAN consume other things while doing a juice cleanse, for example: non-caffeinated herbal teas. That would’ve been a game-changer since I constantly felt cold from drinking raw juices.


In conclusion: I recommend trying a juice cleanse. Do it in a way that works for YOU! Whether thats starting each day with 1 raw juice or “lemon-aid” or going full-fledged juice detox for a couple days, do what your body wants! Good luck!

Happy 2015!! #rad2014

**BIG SHOUT OUT to my buddy Dan “Gumbi” Cumberland for completing the cleanse with us! YOU ROCK!


‘Tis the Season to Cleanse

Day 2 of the Reception Cleanse completed!

Today was 300% more challenging than yesterday. I guess i was all excited about getting cleansed from inside out that I didn’t think about being hungry yesterday. Today, not so much. I had my Pomegranate Lemon-Aid around 10:00 AM, half of a raw-vegan egg nog around 11:00 AM (bonus drink!), and my Green Goddess around 1:00 PM. Then I became so hungry I thought I was going to do something terrible… like, eat bacon-wrapped liver or something. I survived the next couple hours by downing the Cashew Mylk, which was way less milkshake-tasting than yesterday. I suppose I had an aggressive case of HANGRINESS, you can ask my hubby (but he was also struggling). Somehow I made it to 5:00 PM when I drank my last juice of the day, Daily Green, which got me through hot yoga at Corepower. And SOMEHOW I was still thirsty after consuming only beverages all day. Weird.

Dinner was glorious tonight: Jasmine rice, roasted veggies (butternut squash, broccoli, and portabella), and an Asian vermicelli-cabbage stir-fry. All topped with Sriracha! Food! Chewing! Saltiness!

Only one more day to go! We will survive!


Some of the Reception Cleanse carnage.

P.S. The [seasonal] Raw Vegan Egg Nog from Puree Juice Bar in Bethesda, MD, is CRAZY DELICIOUS! Get it while they’re still making it! It will change your life!

Detox Just to Retox

Screw that “I’m going to wait until after the New Year to get healthy” mentality! Start NOW!

The hubby and I decided to start out health goals early with a beginner juice cleanse; preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebration and balancing the Christmas cookie overhaul.

We chose to try the Puree Juice Bar Reception Cleanse: 4 raw vegan juices during the day, then vegetarian/vegan dinner of your choice in the evening. It also allows the occasional adult beverage =)

Here is the flyer:


Just finished Day 1, and it wasn’t too bad! Woke up SUPER hungry because we went out salsa dancing last night and had a few adult drinks, so the Pomegranate Lemon-Aid was not the most satisfying. Fortunately my body adapts well to these cleanses so I wasn’t starving when I drank the Daily Green after a quick yoga practice teaching session at the gym. Around 2:00 PM, my tummy started rumbling so I mixed up the cleanse order and had the Cashew Mylk, next, to get some protein and fat into my digestive system. I felt so much better after that! AND it tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake! Of course Ben and I saved the “best” drink for last: Green Goddess, which is like a juiced salad. Tastes like liquid celery, very “clean.” I definitely missed the sweetness that pineapple and apple gave to the Daily Green, but got through it so I could enjoy our delicious vegan dinner. We celebrated day 1 with homemade vegan summer rolls with a soy-honey-peanut sauce. DELICIOUS! CRUNCHY! I definitely appreciated being able to chew my food!


Two more days to go! Cheers to health!


yoga challenge 2014

To all those who do not follow me on Instagram, I have been participating in a few December yoga challenges:

The 10-day #YogaWithTFM Challenge – Hosted by @laurasykora @masumi_g and @twofitmoms – Sponsored by @gaiam

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For January 2015 – #RebelResolutions Challenge – Hosted by @jennifermartinyoga @actionjacquelyn @northcarolina_yogagirl and @nwoy – Sponsored by @rebelaffair

For January 2015 – #beSTRONGin2015 Challenge – Hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga – Sponsored by @aloyoga

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