SPAGnVOLA Chocolate Tasting #1

Bonbons and Truffles

Image (3)

The hubby and I ate our way through a total of 36 truffles and bonbons taking note of what we thought they tasted like. We didn’t always agree, but I know I was probably right for most of them 😉 Now that we have hit the gym to work off the delicious chocolates we consumed, I can report back on what we observed.

Our Flavor Guesses for Truffles 1-15 from Top Left to Bottom RIght (pictured above):

Box 1- dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-berry (yum!), citrus bonbon coated in dark chocolate, cinnamon bonbon coated in dark chocolate.

Box 2- salted dark chocolate truffle (classic, yet amazing), super sweet caramel coated in white chocolate, [Pirate truffle!] dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-rum.

Box 3- chocolate truffle with hint-o-rose, chocolate truffle with a hint-o-spice (like Mexican hot chocolate), dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-strawberry (delicious!).

Box 4- truffle with hint-o-raspberry (Chambord?), toffee bonbon coated in dark chocolate, chocolate truffle with hint-o- rosemary (not our favorite).

Box 5- super light chocolate truffle (like mousse, awesome!), passionfruit bonbon coated in dark chocolate, chocolate truffle with hint-o-coconut.

Those are our guesses and we could be a little off, but you cannot go wrong with choosing truffles and bonbons from SPAGnVOLA. They are ALL good!

Our favorites in this batch were the berry truffle (blue dome), sea salt truffle (square topped with salt), the strawberry truffle (red and green dome), raspberry truffle (red and gold parallelogram), and the mousse truffle (red and gold heart).

Grab and friend, and a delicious coffee or tea, and do your own taste test!


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