I made it to week 7 of Power Yoga teacher Training! Next week is Thanksgiving vacation, then only one more week to go when I come back! In just a few weeks I will be a 200-hour certified PYTT! How crazy is that?!

Here are the stats (approx.):

I’ve taken 15 beginner Corepower classes, 20 intermediate/advanced/sculpt Corepower classes, and 4 outside studio classes. I’ve observed 3 beginner Corepower classes. I’ve done 6 practice teachings and taken 8 practice teaching classes.

That’s taking over 50 hours of yoga class in just 7 weeks! So many Chaturangas.

So far I’ve learned about yoga anatomy, prenatal yoga, Sanskrit, assists and adjusts, the meaning of Om/Aum, yoga philosphy, the 8-limbed path, Chakras, how to teach a beginner sequence, and SO MUCH ABOUT MYSELF!

I used to think I was shy, unconfident, and afraid to be in the front of the room. And that is exactly how I came across during my first teaching practicum. I was reading cues and postures from my manual, and STILL I could barely spit the words out…. “ta-ta-ta-ta-tadasana.” It was so embarrassing. Now, though, I feel like a butterfly that has left the cocoon. I feel excited to teach. I don’t stutter over my words. More importantly, I don’t freeze when I stand up in front of the class.

What happened?

Personal growth is what happened. I made the choice to memorize the sequence, until it became 2nd nature. I made the choice to practice teach on my husband and sister when I wasn’t at class. AND I made the conscious choice to silence the voice in my head that was saying, “you don’t know what you’re doing”…”what will people think of you if you mess up”…”you can’t do this.” SILENCED.

And it wasn’t easy. I’ve gone 27 years without being the center of attention, the person who goes first, or the leader who steps up in a group. I’ve hid away, ashamed of the potential judgement from others, when I was only really hiding from the judgement created within myself.

What did I learn? The only thing that was getting in my way was the space between my ears. Once I shut that out, everything else fell into place. You can do it too! It’s not easy, but if you tap into you subconscious (90% of thoughts) and TRAIN yourself to be all the things you want to be, then they will eventually become the conscious 10%. Check out the book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



“Get out of your own way.”


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