SPAGnVOLA Chocolate Tasting #1

Bonbons and Truffles

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The hubby and I ate our way through a total of 36 truffles and bonbons taking note of what we thought they tasted like. We didn’t always agree, but I know I was probably right for most of them ūüėČ Now that we have hit the gym to work off the delicious chocolates we consumed, I can report back on what we observed.

Our Flavor Guesses for Truffles 1-15 from Top Left to Bottom RIght (pictured above):

Box 1- dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-berry (yum!), citrus bonbon coated in dark chocolate, cinnamon bonbon coated in dark chocolate.

Box 2- salted dark chocolate truffle (classic, yet amazing), super sweet caramel coated in white chocolate, [Pirate truffle!] dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-rum.

Box 3- chocolate truffle with hint-o-rose, chocolate truffle with a hint-o-spice (like Mexican hot chocolate), dark chocolate truffle with hint-o-strawberry (delicious!).

Box 4- truffle with hint-o-raspberry (Chambord?), toffee bonbon coated in dark chocolate, chocolate truffle with hint-o- rosemary (not our favorite).

Box 5- super light chocolate truffle (like mousse, awesome!), passionfruit bonbon coated in dark chocolate, chocolate truffle with hint-o-coconut.

Those are our guesses and we could be a little off, but you cannot go wrong with choosing truffles and bonbons from SPAGnVOLA. They are ALL good!

Our favorites in this batch were the berry truffle (blue dome), sea salt truffle (square topped with salt), the strawberry truffle (red and green dome), raspberry truffle (red and gold parallelogram), and the mousse truffle (red and gold heart).

Grab and friend, and a delicious coffee or tea, and do your own taste test!


Super Short Post

comfort zone pic

Yup, that happened today.

“Bring a Beginner Day” for today’s yoga teacher training class. It was our first time teaching in front of¬†non-yoga-teacher¬†trainees. It was exciting, yet frightening, at the same time. But I survived; we all did. =)

“You have to be bad before you’re good, and good before you’re great.”

AND great before you’re freakin’ spectacular!



I made it to week 7 of Power Yoga teacher Training! Next week is Thanksgiving vacation, then only one more week to go when I come back! In just a few weeks I will be a 200-hour certified PYTT! How crazy is that?!

Here are the stats (approx.):

I’ve taken 15 beginner Corepower classes, 20 intermediate/advanced/sculpt Corepower classes, and 4 outside studio classes. I’ve observed 3 beginner Corepower classes. I’ve done 6 practice teachings and taken 8 practice teaching classes.

That’s taking over 50 hours of yoga class in just 7 weeks! So many Chaturangas.

So far I’ve learned about yoga anatomy, prenatal yoga, Sanskrit, assists and adjusts, the meaning of Om/Aum, yoga philosphy, the 8-limbed path, Chakras, how to teach a beginner sequence, and SO MUCH ABOUT MYSELF!

I used to think I was shy, unconfident, and afraid to be in the front of the room. And that is exactly how I came across during my first teaching practicum. I was reading cues and postures from my manual, and STILL I could barely spit the words out…. “ta-ta-ta-ta-tadasana.” It was so embarrassing. Now, though, I feel like a butterfly that has left the cocoon. I feel excited to teach. I don’t stutter over my words. More importantly, I don’t freeze when I stand up in front of the class.

What happened?

Personal growth is what happened. I made the choice to memorize the sequence, until it became 2nd nature. I made the choice to practice teach on my husband and sister when I wasn’t at class. AND I made the conscious choice to silence¬†the voice in my head that was saying, “you don’t know what you’re doing”…”what will people think of you if you mess up”…”you can’t do this.” SILENCED.

And it wasn’t easy. I’ve gone 27 years without being the center of attention, the person who goes first, or the leader who steps up in a group. I’ve hid away, ashamed of the potential judgement from others, when I was only really hiding from the judgement created within¬†myself.

What did I learn? The only thing that was getting in my way was the space between my ears. Once I shut that out, everything else fell into place. You can do it too! It’s not easy, but if you tap into you subconscious (90% of thoughts) and TRAIN yourself to be all the things you want to be, then they will eventually become the conscious 10%. Check out the book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



“Get out of your own way.”

The Best Chocolate in MoCo!


If you’re a chocolate-lover like me, then I hope you have been to SPAGnVOLA (pronounced “spang-vola”) Chocolatier, in the Kentlands or National Harbor.

Founded in 2009 by Eric Reid (CEO), and head chocolatier Crisoire Reid, this dynamic duo has been putting out the finest single-estate chocolates, most unique bonbons, and tastiest truffles for the past 5 years.


The impeccable quality¬†begins at the source. The cacao beans are harvested from the Reids’ farm on the mountain slopes of eastern Hato Mayor del Rey of the Dominican Republic. This area allows for the purest environmental conditions, resulting in the richest organic soil and plentiful rainfall. Once the cacao beans are ripened, they are hand-picked, fermented, dried and graded, and sent to the SPAGnVOLA factory in Gaithersburg, MD, for processing.

Once those precious cacao beans reach the factory, they are roasted, winnowed and refined into premium chocolate. The magic truly happens when Crisoire Reid, head chocolatier, couples the premium SPAGnVOLA chocolate with Caribbean Artisan blends to fabricate the finest decadent designs and aromas that are experienced when walking into once of their shops.


spag 1

Do you like coffee and tea with your treats? They have delicious espresso and coffee drink, as well as fancy teas. Grab a friend, and head to SPAGnVOLA for a warm cup of coffee/tea, and a few bonbons to satisfy your chocolate craving! The employees are always helpful in describing the various options, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

Sustainable and Fair: Eric Reid believes in honoring and empowering his employees. Cacao farmers are encouraged to grow shade crops under the fruit trees for their own profit, in addition to their salary. In addition, cacao trees are grown without pesticides, ensuring their chocolate and employees are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Spoiler Alert!

I have been given a very generous portion of SPAGnVOLA chocolates and am super excited to tell you all about them! Stay tuned for a follow-up post about how I ate my way through 36 bonbons & truffles, and 3 bars of pure single-estate chocolate.

Check out your local SPAGnVOLA, or online, for tasty holiday gifts for co-workers, clients, family, friends, teachers, lovers, trainers, hairdressers, dog walkers, etc.

SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier Locations

Kentlands: 360 Main St, Suite 100

National Harbor: 181 Waterfront St.


Have you ever wanted to see how all those fancy chocolates are made? SPAGnVOLA gives free Kentlands Factory tours of their chocolate-making, artisan-chocolate creation, and entire manufacturing process.