I’m not really a runner but…

New Shoe… Wednesday!

It has been 5 months since terminating my Run-A-Day challenge and converting it to being rad all year by working out most days, pushing my limits in strength and endurance. I have gone for a run 1 about once a week since ending the Run-A-Day challenge, and my plantar fasciitis is doing just fine. Wahoo!

So despite not being a full-fledge runner, I still enjoy testing out new shoe technology [and fashion]. My newest running shoe that has been added to my endless shoe collection is the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2.

IMG_5900Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 


  • Ultralight support- Flyknit creates a form-fitting, nearly seamless upper that is woven more openly in areas that need greater flexibility and tighter in areas that demand more support.
  • Secure fit- Flywires wrap around the midfoot for a locked-down fit that moves with you
  • Responsive Cushioning- Lunarlon provides a soft & responsive ride
  • Environmentally friendly- the single-layer Flyknit upper is made by feeding polyester yarn into a proprietary knitting machine so there is little to no waste

What I thought: I LOVE THIS SHOE! My primary running has been the Adidas Energy Boost for most of the past year, but after taking a couple runs in the Flyknit Lunar 2, I am sold. The seamless Flyknit upper feels so soft around my foot, even with thin socks; the Lunarlon cushioning is super responsive (not squishy) and provides enough cushioning for longer runs; and the Flywire gives midfoot support and holds my foot in place around turns. Also, this shoe is super lightweight. I didn’t feel like I had to drag my feet along, even after I started feeling fatigued.

Caution: this shoe runs snug, so those of you that wear a WIDE will have to customize your own Flyknit Lunar 2 on Nike iD, where widths are available.

BONUS! On the online Nike Store, non-Nike iD Flyknit Lunar 2’s are on SALE for $120! That’s a deal! (Retail: $150)


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