Get Swole or Go Crazy

I am almost 2 full months into working-out at Foundry Fitness and 2 full months free of running every day in 2014 #rad2014. My plantar fasciitis is manageable, my muscles are getting stronger and leaner, and I feel good.

Not only good… but sane?

Having my butt kicked for an hour, 4-5 times per week, has helped not only my physical strength, but also my mental and emotional well-being. Have you ever done rope slams or kettle bell snatches after a long day at work? It is like hitting restart, forgetting the day’s obstacles, feeling ready to take on whatever the next day has in-store.

Hmmmm… I wonder how this works? Just kidding, I know!

1. Endorphins: exercise increases the production of these feel-good neurotransmitters. These “free feel-good drugs” are also responsible for the “runner’s high” or any sense of happiness after an intense workout, and are still legal in all 50 states =)

2. Meditation in motion: while you workout you are focused on a single task, not the day’s irritations. Thinking about breathing, form, and body movement helps to remove daily tensions, leaving you calm, clear and optimistic. Who said mediation was only for yogis?

3. Ego-boosting: exercise can increase self-confidence. Because exercise is a major contributor for weight loss and building strength, you might find yourself walking taller after a good sweat session. Exercise also gives you a sense of control over your body by improving sleep and creating the desire for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Most people do not want to eat a dozen donuts after a 90-minute Pilates class, right? Duh.

(Information adapted from

Alright guys, now it’s time to get happy and kick some glutes! I know it’s Friday, but I challenge you to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in before Happy Hour… who’s with me?!?!


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When life gives you lemons, do a burpee.

Holy moly, what have I been doing?

I have been very busy becoming an addict… and not the type you’re thinking of…

1) I have become ADDICTED to working out at Foundry Fitness. Can’t get enough burpees, pull-ups, burpee-pull-ups, squats, lunges, snatches, kettle bell swings, planks, presses, etc!!! I am having a blast getting toned, lean and STRONG. Because my plantar fasciitis has become unbearable, I have limited my running to 1x per week and up’d my Foundry workouts to 4-5x per week. If I can’t run, then I am going to get jacked!


Hey Ladies! Skinny is OUT, Muscles are IN! #rad2014

2) I am also ADDICTED to the smoothies from the Whole Foods coffee bar. Fresh, raw ingredients blended into a delicious concoction. They make perfect meal replacements, are relatively inexpensive, and taste amazing! The smoothie-makers even let you add extra ingredients into your smoothies! Including wheat grass!

My two favorites:

“The Big Yummy”: banana, dates, almond butter, almond milk, ice (and I have them add spinach to make it green!); &

“Drink Your Greens”: kale, spinach, pineapple, mango, strawberries, fresh pressed apple juice, ice


More food…

3) I am crazy ADDICTED to RAW coconut water! It is the perfect treat post-workout to naturally replenish electrolytes. Coconut water has the same chemical composition as human plasma and full of healthy nutrients! Did you know that if you get a raw coconut water that is pink, it is super special? The pink tone means that there are extra phenols in that specific bottle! More antioxidants!

4) I am also ADDICTED to the delicious gluten-free, vegan soups from Souper Girl. Love that she is local! I have tried the Potato Leek, and also the Moroccan style Harira. DELICIOUS! I added some spicy corn salsa to the Potato Leek for texture, and it was still amazing!

Image Image

Clearly food cannot be a valid excuse for not posting…

So, a lot of changes have been happening in my life. The biggest one has been moving out of my amazingly convenient apartment and into my old bedroom at my parents’ house. Not the most ideal situation, but it’s what people do these days, right? Move out, get married, then move back home? That’s what I’ve heard, anyways. At least I will be able to save plenty of money for my own kettle bell set…

Look rad, feel rad, be rad.