Where Have I Been???

It has been 3 whole weeks since my last post!

No running updates. No workout updates. No healthy recipes. You all must have felt so abandoned!

Well I’m back!

Unfortunately, since Nike Women’s Half DC, I have only gone running twice: a quick couple 5 ks home from work. On a positive note, resting from the repetitive motion of running has allowed my plantar faciitis, calf tightness, and ITB soreness to heal (in collaboration with lots of foam rolling and hydration). That said, I have been hitting up the hardcore classes at Foundry Fitness 4 times per week to make up for my non-running days… and let me tell you, those classes are 60-minutes of full-body torture! Well, good torture.

Burpees. Planks. Push-Ups. Burpees. Pull-Ups. Ropes. Kettle Bells. Burpees. Squats. Lunges. Box Jumps. Burpees.

We do a lot of burpees.

When I began these crazy workouts, last month, my goal was to be able to do 1 single pull-up. That goal is completed! Now, 3 weeks later, I am able to do 2 FULL PULL-UPS! Want to see it? Check out my video via Instagram @mbrooksfit

Also, with increased weight lifting (weights & body weight), my muscle tone has really improved. Check out these pics from before working out at Foundry Fitness, 7 classes in, and 12 classes in (today).

photo (13)

Not bad, huh? Now I just have to get back to my juicing, smoothies and creative vegan recipes. Stay tuned.


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