Day 2 of NEW #RAD2014

112/365 Second day without a 2+ mile run, and it feels weird. Actually it feels like my IT bands are 2 inches too short, and that can be blamed on the Foundry Fitness class I took last night. Kicked. My. Butt.

Today I was so sore I couldn’t fathom another strength-training workout or run, so I packed my 1-year-old niece (Marcy) into her stroller and went for a 5-mile walk, attempting to work-out the soreness in my legs. No success.

Even though I was on my feet, walking, for over an hour today… my plantar fasciitis has seemed to subside. Lower-impact activity is helping me to recover. Go figure.

Tomorrow Ben and I sign up for Foundry Fitness and begin our goal of attending a class at least 3x per week. I will be filling in the other 4 days with running and yoga, while he will be continuing his 4x per week rec-soccer schedule. We are determined to look and feel RAD!

Who’s going to join us? I challenge you to commit to working out at least 4x a week through May! I’m here for you!

Follow me on INSTAGRAM @mbrooksfit to see my daily #rad2014 photos. Tag your friends in the comments section to get them motivated to move!


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