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Day 110. Haven’t gone out for my run yet. Not feeling very motivated.

I have mild-to-moderate plantar fasciitis in both feet, and I think a heel spur in my right. At this point, orthotics and calf massage can’t even alleviate my pain. Hmmm… overuse injuries? I have 1 week until my next race: Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC, as a race pacer (9:30-9:59 corral). I’ve kept up with my 2-mile minimum for the last 109 days, but a few days ago started adding walk intervals into my workout, due to pain and lack of inspiration.

LACK OF INSPIRATION? I love running! Why wouldn’t I want to go running?


What does one do when they are riddled with injuries and unmotivated? CHANGE THINGS UP! I am NOT quitting #rad2014, I’m transforming it into something greater! It is time to reassess my 2014 goals! Yay! I love goal-setting!

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So what do I really want out of 2014? I want to EAT CLEAN. I want to be STRONG. I want to be CONFIDENT.  I want to be the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF! And I want to INSPIRE OTHERS to do the same! So how do I do this?

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Running is my comfort zone. I need to challenge my body. I need to confuse my muscles, build strength, increase my flexibility… I need to switch on BEAST MODE!

So what will happen to my Run-A-Day Challenge (#rad2014)? It’s not going ANYWHERE! Instead of “rad” meaning Run-a-Day… it is just going to mean “Rad”! I want to look RAD, feel RAD, be RAD, and inspire others to live RAD too! Here we go with #rad2014 Part II!


-Sweat. Every. Damn. Day. #rad2014 –> I am going to run, lift, yoga, stretch… and push myself every day to be freakin’ awesome.

-Eat Clean. #rawfoods #vegan #smoothies #green #juicing #realfoods

-Stay Sane. #spiritual –> Meditate. Be inspired by other. Read. Be grateful. Enjoy life.

-Inspire Others. #beRad –> YouTube Channel. Blog. Social media. Accountability.

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