Fresh Frickin’ Foam


New Shoe Sunday… On SUNDAY!

Today’s Shoe: New Balance Fresh Foam 980

What makes this shoe super cool?

– 4mm drop… hello natural running feel!

– a midsole made of a single piece of foam for MAX cushioning, MAX ground contact & MAX smoothness.

– breathable air mesh upper with no-sew lasts for a custom fit and to minimize rubbing.

photo (11)

My take:

– I test-ran these for a quick 5k with the pup, and I loved the plush cushioning under my feet.

– No rubbing, no pressure points, no problems!

– Spacious toe box to accommodate most runners, even those in-between widths. (P.S. these shoes come in WIDE)

– I would love a pair of these babies. Perfect for my longer runs when I need extra cushioning, or for days I feel tired but still want to be fast. My feet felt so happy, and so did my legs… and I even ran in these after a 4.5-mile “warm-up.”

– Side-note: They are great for the gym too (neutral & light-weight)!


#rad2014 Challenge UPDATE:

Month-to-Date Mileage = 96.32 miles (biggest month yet, and still 1 day to go!)

Year-to-Date Mileage = 274.72 miles (Woo!)

Only ALMOST missed a day ONCE… and it was Friday. I was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings (a weird place for a vegan), watching college basketball, and I realized I had forgotten to run! I didn’t get home until nearly 1 AM, but my amazing husband, Ben, made sure I didn’t give up on my goal; together we ran 2.21 miles at 1 AM… after an excess of fried foods and beer. Ouch! It was so uncomfortable that it was almost fun… or at least, funny.

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