New Shoe Sunday!… I mean Monday.

I’m creating a new blog holiday (“blogiday” if you will, ha!): New Shoe Sunday! (Yes I am aware it is Monday, but future posts will be on Sunday) In these posts, I will provide a brief review of a different running shoe each week, so you can feel more confident purchasing new running shoes… and to hopefully answer any questions you have about the shoes. I’d love any feedback in the comments section, thanks!

This Week’s Running Shoe is a lightweight trainer that still has enough cushioning for longer runs and races.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara $120 – the newest addition to my personal running shoe collection.

Fall 2013 ** Best Debute Running Shoe** By Runner’s World Magazine

Features: (Source:

-Light, low-to-the-ground feel that translates into quick and responsive.

-A traditional 10 mm offset to protect your calves and achilles, without the feel of a traditional shoe.

-The U4ic midsole is super light and sturdy, providing a smooth ride throughout the gait cycle.

-A G3 Sole gives superior traction and ground contact, without too much additional weight.

-Practically seamless upper that is secure around the forefoot. “Performance Fit”


My take-

I took these beauties for a 2.85-mile run outdoors, teamed up with my Superfeet Carbon Insoles.  The shoe felt extremely secure through the upper but smooth throughout my gait cycle. I like the low-to-the ground feel that reminds me of my Pure Cadences and Pure Flows, and I couldn’t even tell that they have a 10 mm offset! The shoe is pretty snug through the mid-foot, the typical “performance fit” of Mizunos. Wearing my Feetures socks  (that are very compressive on their own) seemed to be too much mid-foot support with the Sayonaras. The Wave plate provides an ample amount of heel cushioning, and also a bit of support throughout transition from heel-to-toe. So all you over-pronators out there: if a typical racing flat lacks enough support or cushioning for racing (or speed workouts), then the Wave Sayonara is a great option for you! There is a decent amount of support on the medial side of the shoe preventing the foot from collapsing the shoe inwards, even without an orthotic!

My second run was 2.43-miles on the treadmill. My legs felt super fatigue after the previous days’ 8-miler, but luckily the Wave plate support and extra ground contact (the forefoot is flared for this reason) helped me to push through my daily run minimum. In conclusion, the Wave Sayonara is A-Okay for indoor and outdoor runners.

Like a fine wine, these shoes are best paired with the Balega’s Hidden Dry Socks: thin, mildly compressive, and soft.


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