Deliciousness and Record Mileage

I love being vegan! I have tried so many different foods and challenged myself to make vegan versions of some of my favorite foods! =) Here are some of the delicious recipes I’ve constructed in the past few weeks:

**Gluten-free, vegan, cinnamon pancakes with bananas (use seltzer water for super fluffy pancakes!)

**Baked “cheesy” kale chips with nutritional yeast (this was a hit with the hubby)

**Thai coconut curry with lots of portabello mushrooms and chickpeas, served over egg noodles

**Oatmeal with almond milk & cinnamon (my favorite spice!) topped with bananas and Craisins

**Gluten-free, vegan, chocolate chip cookies (I have THE BEST recipe)

**Homemade “Cava” bowls (inspired by a restaurant named “Cava” in Bethesda, MD): saffron basmati rice, pickled purple cabbage, tomato-cucumber relish, falafel, baba ganoush, roasted red pepper hummus, and spicy harissa. This was my favorite meal of the week, but was so full of garlic that I had the worst heart burn, ever.

vegan food

These are just a few of the many things I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen =) Next up this weekend: quinoa pasta and roasted chickpeas. Delicious! Leave a comment if you’d like the recipes for any of the dishes above.

Other tasty snacks and prepared foods I’m loving:

Way Better Snacks chips (I like the sweet potato and sunflower seed flavors)

Amy’s Vegan Gluten-free Pizza (I add extra #Daiya mozzarella cheese)

Annie’s Lite Goddess Dressing (I put this on everything!)

UPDATE ON MILEAGE: one day left in February and I’m already at 90.83 miles!!! That’s already 6 more miles than last month!!! Day 58/365, staying strong.


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