I’m ready for spring!

Maryland is a Winter Wonderland! With over a foot of snow on the ground, it seems that winter is not yet ready to give up. This morning I walked to the community gym in my Hunter rain boots (wellies!), and STILL the snow made it into my shoes… getting my socks wet. Humph. At least I carried my running shoes.

Obviously I was the only person that was crazy enough to wake up early on their Snow Day to hit the gym. #rad2014 But that’s okay because I needed the space in the weight room for my Sun Salutations. I felt surprisingly stretched and strong after 10 Sun A & B’s. That said, I am trying to get back into having a home yoga practice, especially since that’s the only yoga practice my bank account can handle 🙂

On another note… I’m really digging this new treadmill workout I found online: (sarahfit.com)

5 minute warm-up 5.0-5.5 mph (or speed walk)

1 minute at a jog 5.0-7.0 mph

1 minute at a faster pace 7.0-9.0 mph

1 minute at the fastest pace 9.0-11.0 mph

REPEAT the set of 3 speed intervals 3x

5 minute cool-down 5.0-5.5 mph (or speed walk)

This workout kicks my butt and gets the metabolism revved up, even hours after leaving the gym. Try it out!

On a less positive note, today I hit a wall after my morning workout. Maybe it was the 3 miles, followed by 1 mile of sprints this AM. Maybe it was the movement of my energy through the 10 minutes of yoga this AM. Maybe it was the modified HIIT tread and shred workout yesterday morning. Maybe it was the 126.01 miles I have run already THIS YEAR! Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. Definitely, I was exhausted. I struggled through taking a shower and cooking breakfast, but three gluten-free, vegan pancakes, and 12 ounces of coconut water later…. I felt much better and even had the energy to walk a mile to the dog park with Bourbon, and back.

This was a reminder that sometimes I just need to take a few minutes to recharge. Or maybe a few days. Tomorrow I will treat myself to a leisurely 2 mile run on the treadmill followed by a light strength-building circuit. No sprints. No picking up heavy things, and putting them down. Just taking it easy, having fun, and enjoying the feeling of keeping myself healthy.

Update on reflux: taking 14-day sequence of generic Prilosec. I don’t typically rely on Western medicine, but I am very happy that I can now eat and enjoy my meals.

Update on veganism: it’s going well. Sticking to it, even when the hubby eats “real” cheese in front of me. Also, I added an extra challenge of pulling back on my gluten intake. Decrease inflammation to decrease risk of disease.


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