Updates, Reflux, and Orthotics

Even though I mentioned my success in running everyday in January 2014, I forgot to mention HOW MANY miles I ran for the month: 84.44 miles! That’s 2x the miles I ran in December. Yeahhhhh!!!!

This week I completed most of my runs outdoors (finally!), and even ran with the pup for some of them! Almost 25 miles completed for February, already! Friday I did my first “long” run since beginning this challenge: 5 miles! The weather was perfect (sunny and upper 20’s), and I felt healthy and full of energy. I was so energetic that I followed my run with 75 minute of Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Bliss Studio. NOW I understand why all those fitness magazines rave about “Yoga for Runners;” my body needed a good stretch. I notice some key poses that stretched my running muscles:

  • Side Angle- definitely didn’t think my obliques  were that tight, but they were.
  • Downward Dog-  stretching those calves and hamstrings. Yes.
  • Lizard Pose- opened up the hip flexors, in a BIG way.
  • Eagle Pose- again with the hip flexors and stretched out my sore periformis.

Let’s talk about my AWESOME Saturday Night: Relaxing at home with my pup, Bourbon. I have been suffering from intense acid reflux for the past 2 weeks, and just haven’t been feeling very well. Super sour stomach, burning esophagus, burps, and a 2% total body weight loss from limited food intake. The only times my reflux doesn’t bother me are while running and while sleeping. My two favorite activities =)

Photo on 2014-02-08 at 20.55

But getting serious, chronic acid reflux can cause serious damage, so there are certain foods that should be avoided if you suffer from heart burn or GERD:

  • Caffeine (soda, coffee, tea, chocolate); Carbonation (beverages); Alcohol (all types)
  • Citrus Fruits (lemons, limes, pineapple, oranges, etc.)
  • Tomatoes, and tomato products (sauces, salsas)
  • Spicy Foods
  • Mint or peppermint
  • Onions and garlic
  • High-Fat Foods (meats, deep-fried foods, foods with creamy sauces, cheese, fast foods, etc.)

If you’d like more information, WebMD is a great source.

On a more positive note: I’ve kept up with my running. Have somewhat fallen behind in my weight lifting, but signed up for an intro week at Bliss Yoga (that’ll help with the cross-training). And, tomorrow will be my 40th day of running in a row… 5 straight weeks! In those 5 weeks I have run in a lot of shoes:

  • Brooks Pure Cadence 3-  my go-to
  • Brooks Pure Flow 2- my other go-to
  • Brooks Pure Grit 2- trails, snow and ice
  • Altra Torin- great for shorter runs, followed by weight-lifting
  • New Balance 870 V3- love for longer runs
  • Saucony Kinvara 4- love for shorter runs and plyometrics
  • Adidas Glide Boost- loved this one for the one Fun Run (5k), would be a good trainer for long runs


**Most of these shoes are lightweight trainers or racing flats, and even though I love them… they might not be the right shoe for you, so get fitted by your local Fleet Feet Sports!!!!

** I wear Superfeet Carbon Insoles in most of my running shoes. Super lightweight, low-volume, flexible, and resilient. These help prevent plantar fasciitis flare-ups, and make my knees feel much healthier (it’s all about alignment, baby!). To all you new, intermediate, and advanced runners out there: I recommend going to your local specialty running store and asking about orthotics. Why?

  • Insoles help your 2D shoe (flat) adapt to your 3D foot
  • They help stabilize your rear foot for increased efficiency in movement
  • Insoles give support to your plantar facia to keep it lifted and not hyper-extended

Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of healthy feet and joints!


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