Traveling, Food & #rad2014

I know it has been a while, so this post might seem all over the place.

I have stuck with my Run-a-Day Challenge for 35 days!!!! I made it though one whole month!!!

Next mini-goal: run at least 2-miles every day for 3 months. I can do it!

Running everyday has not been easy. Even though I put a short 2-mile minimum on my daily runs, fitting in time to run everyday has become the biggest obstacle. In addition, the weather has not cooperated in the least. Consistent 20-degree weather combined with snow and ice has made hitting the streets difficult. I cannot risk slipping on sidewalk ice; I have a challenge to meet! That said, I have spent many the miles on the treadmill. SO NOT MY FAVORITE.


Just got back from a short trip to Dallas, TX, with my husband and sister-in-law. Amazing health and wealth conference, meeting a few players from Real Salt Lake, and hearing from the fabulous Roy Spence.  Speaking of health, I was able to continue my running through the trip, and even sneak one in between my flight home and the Super Bowl on Sunday! Unfortunately, the day of our flight, a couple hours before leaving for the airport, my husband and I went for a short run… and he happened to trip, fall, and break his hand. Poor guy! He was such a trooper. He made it through the entire weekend with only a splint, and next-to-no complaints. (Don’t worry, he got a cast put on today.)

Dallas has amazing Mexican food! We went to a fabulous Mexican restaurant called “Wild Salsa,” where we ate fresh guacamole, various homemade salsas (including a habanero one!), drank margaritas made of fresh-squeezed citrus, and I had the best salad ever (cabbage, black beans, roasted corn, avocado, onion, tomato, cucumber)!! I did realize the difficulty with being vegan… and eating anywhere but at home. Even though it IS possible, it is still extremely difficult. Many menu items “forget” to list cheese under their dish components, i.e. my salad came with queso fresco and I didn’t know until it was placed in front of me. I was very hungry, so I made a non-vegan exception.

To all you vegans out there, remember to pack your own snacks! Especially for the flight. Some of the options I enjoy are: Way Better Snacks, Kale Chips, Kind Bars, clementines, and oatmeal mixes (I wish I had those!).


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