My job is awesome!

I love getting visits from brand reps! Mr. Mike Gohn came by the store with test drive samples of the newest member of the Brooks running family! The Brooks Transcend will be released this February 2014, replacing the Brooks Trance (a highly-cushioned stability running shoe)… and it is definitely something to get excited about! Forget standard stability posting. This shoe has “Guide Rails” that engage WHEN YOU NEED THEM! Think bowling bumpers: you don’t have to hit them if you don’t need to.
Add plush Brooks SUPER DNA cushioning. Did you like the full length BioMOGO DNA of the Adrenaline, the Transcend makes that feel like a dry sponge. Super DNA = Floating on clouds.
I didn’t get to do much except run on the treadmill, but with an 8 mm drop heel-to-toe, this shoe is great for everyone, from the efficient mid-foot striker to the over-pronating heel striker… You are sure to like this shoe!


My job is awesome!

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