Week of Treadmill Running is OVER!

Day 12/265:

Still going strong with my Run-a-Day Challenge (Follow me on Instagram: mbrooksfit #rad2014). Because of my terrible quad cramp last weekend, I took it easy last week with daily 2 to 3-mile treadmill runs (set on “hills” of course!), and light strength training. Thursday was my first day back on the streets for a 5k distance, and it was so much fun! I forgot what it was like to TURN during my runs, breath fresh, crisp air, and weave around testy terrain. I actually liked running. Weird.

I just wanted to make a note that I owe my healthy quad to LOTS of muscle massage with Trigger Point foam rollers and Addaday Type B rollers. Working out all that lactic acid wasn’t easy, or painless, but I did it. Also, hydration is KEY to recovery and performance! Drink plenty of water to prevent cramping and maintain blood pressure. If you’re a heavy SWEAT-er, then use electrolyte-enhanced beverages like NUUN tablets or Hammer HEED. That is all.

Enough with the good news, now I have to be honest with myself. I’ve been a very bad vegan this week. I know I’ve committed before and should have been prepared. I know it’s all about planning ahead to have vegan-friendly options available. I KNOW I just added this 2014 goal only a week ago, and am already struggling! Well, I had a few weak moments with “Top the Tater” dip, and a couple plates of scrambled eggs during a sock-monkey and breakfast-themed post-holiday party for work. I think I got it all out of my system… as long as I don’t eat cheese. Or “drug-cheese” as I call it, because it is so addicting.

Finally, I have joined a weight-loss challenge at work. I have 6 (now 5) weeks to lose 2% of my body weight, and 12 (now 11) weeks to lose a total of 5% body weight. I know I’m not a humongous person, but I know when I can preform most efficiently and it was 5-7 lbs of Holiday treats ago. I will probably do a winter detox (anti-inflammatory detox) in a couple weeks, so stay tuned for details on my detox experience. (Let me know if you want to join me and I will set up a full guided detox open to the public!)


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