Not everything goes your way.

I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason,” but sometimes… just sometimes I get pissed off at things not going my way.

Example #1: My quad is still broken, even with tons of foam rolling and hydration. (Last night I had to run my 2 miles on a treadmill set to 4.7 mph, but I did it.)

Example #2: My perfect townhome… that I had an appointment to see tomorrow… just got signed today. Unfair. That place was so beautiful, and zen.

Example #3: I didn’t realize my apartment lease was up February 7th, but it is! And I didn’t give my notice in time to avoid having to pay month-to-month, which is $500 more!

But I guess it all happened for a reason. Maybe if my quad wasn’t gimpy I would run myself into the ground with my Run-a-Day Challenge (#rad2014). Maybe if that townhome was taken before I got to it I would have to deal with a horrible termite infestation. And MAYBE if I didn’t realize my lease was up next month I would be forced to move into a home that was less than par, for my standards.

Staying positive.

Well I decided to up my Run-a-Day Challenge goal to a 2-mile minimum per day. It is 19 degrees outside, with a windchill that makes it feel like 0 degrees. I guess it’s the treadmill again.

Oh, and I’m now vegan.


2 thoughts on “Not everything goes your way.

  1. If you’re vegan, are you selling your shoe collection? And, yes. In time you’ll see the reason for your struggles. Keep your head up on the new house search. It’s only passing you by, because there is a better house waiting for you.

    • Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for reading my blog! Thanks for the encouraging words! I know things will all work out =) I am not currently selling my shoe collection, but I am also not actively purchasing leather goods at the moment. I occasionally decide to go vegan (diet-wise) for 90 days to mildly detox from any animal products (dairy, eggs, or the infrequent shrimp). It just feels better. How are you doing? We should stay in touch via Facebook or email! I’d love to hear about your adventures on the other side of the world!

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