Man Down!

Day 5 of my Run-a-Day Challenge. Was feeling really strong with a fun 4.75 miler yesterday through the ice and snow, and a short 1-miler/gym workout the day before. Today is a different situation. Already dealing with a painful periformis, my left quadricep decided to tear in half after a quick trip to the bathroom last night. While getting back into bed I bent my legs to get under the covers, and suddenly my left quad seized as if it was being torn in half (cramping x 400!). I can easily say that this was THE WORST leg cramp I have ever experienced. It is now the next evening and I still feel as if there is a tiny elf inside my leg just turning an even tinier knife through my quad. NOT FUN. Stairs, impossible. Getting in a car, embarrassing. Pivoting, ha! In conclusion, I’m hoping that is was JUST a cramp, and not a strain. 

Cramp treatment: hydrating, ibuprofen, hydrating, massage, hydrating, gentle stretching, hydrating, and light exercise.

That said. I will be hitting the treadmill for a very gentle 1 mile run. #nevergiveup


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