The Weather Calls for… SNOW!

January 2nd, 2014: 2 days into my “Run-a-Day” Challenge and I am already 2 for 2!!!

First run of the new year was a short 2 miler, but HEY! I did it! Running was the perfect way to detox from the few cocktails I imbibed in the night before. Tonight, run #2, was the most perfect conditions! Large snow flakes falling from the sky and collecting in my hair, and there was at least a half inch of crunchiness on the ground. It was like trail running without the trail! I didn’t run very quick (10-minute miles), but had a freakin’ blast running through the winter wonderland!Snowy RunTomorrow calls for 22 degrees F, and wind chills of -3 degrees F. Can’t wait for run #3!


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