Welcome 2014!

I made it through another year! And 2013 was fabulous! I became certified as a health coach, got a new job with an amazing running community, ran a couple half marathons, oh, and I got married! That said, I am super excited to see what will come this year!

I have a few goals to accomplish:

– Break 2:00 for my half marathon time (Nike Womens Half DC in April!)

-Join a CrossFit-like gym… and get ripped!

-Start a YouTube fitness channel

-Become more spiritual, reignite my yoga practice and begin a tradition of daily meditation.

-“Run-a-Day Challenge” Run at least 1 mile EVERY day for a month. Once I accomplish running everyday for a month, then 3 months, then 6, and finally a YEAR! Wish me luck! #RaD2014

-Become a certified ACSM Personal Trainer

-Get back on track with my plant-based diet: JUICING, SMOOTHIES, RAW FOODS, VEGAN (mostly)

Now for my first run of 2014…


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