My job is awesome!

My job is awesome!

I love getting visits from brand reps! Mr. Mike Gohn came by the store with test drive samples of the newest member of the Brooks running family! The Brooks Transcend will be released this February 2014, replacing the Brooks Trance (a highly-cushioned stability running shoe)… and it is definitely something to get excited about! Forget standard stability posting. This shoe has “Guide Rails” that engage WHEN YOU NEED THEM! Think bowling bumpers: you don’t have to hit them if you don’t need to.
Add plush Brooks SUPER DNA cushioning. Did you like the full length BioMOGO DNA of the Adrenaline, the Transcend makes that feel like a dry sponge. Super DNA = Floating on clouds.
I didn’t get to do much except run on the treadmill, but with an 8 mm drop heel-to-toe, this shoe is great for everyone, from the efficient mid-foot striker to the over-pronating heel striker… You are sure to like this shoe!


January Wellness Newsletter

January Wellness Newsletter

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Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Run 21/365: a cold (27 degrees F), very snowy 3 miles with Ben (hubby) and Bourbon (pup) on Seneca Creek Trail.
I have officially run EVERYDAY for 3 weeks. T-minus 10 days until it has been a FULL MONTH! Time to up the mileage to prepare for Cherry Blossom 10-miler… anyone want to do long runs with me?

Adidas Boost, Ultimate Direction, More Miles

Thursday, January 16th- Fun Run @ Fleet Feet Sports Gaithersburg

Test drive day!!! JT from Adidas came to the store today to provide tester shoes for our Fun Run. Choices included Energy Boosts, Supernova Glide 6 Boosts, and Supernova Sequence 6’s. I decided to try out the NEW Supernova Glide Boosts (neutral) for 4 miles of Kentlands terrain, and I was impressed! Some of the key points I’d like to share from my experience:

– Super responsive cushioning (Boost material) that gave me protection from the hard sidewalk, but enough response to attack hills.

– Extra grippy outsole: Continental (TM) rubber outsole has >20% more friction on dry and wet surfaces than a traditional outsole. I could definitely feel the difference, especially with the occasional ice patch.

– A lightweight textile upper made of seamless mess  provided ample flexibility but still held tight to my narrow foot.

Overall, LOVED the shoe. Can’t wait to get my own pair of Adidas Energy Boosts, a slightly lighter-weight, everyday trainer that I will be able to use for longer runs due to the energy-returning Boost midsole. 


Friday, January 17th- Day off from work! Trail run with the pup!


Test drive day #2: Visit from RJ from Ultimate Direction!!! I was given a sample of UD’s Ultravesta Hydration Pack (from their female-specific Jenny collection) to test run for the store. Hydration pack = trail run. So Bourbon (my 75-lb hound-Pitt mix) and I hit Seneca Creek Trail for a muddy 5k. The vest was 

super handy! I had both 10-oz bottle full (one for me, one for the pup), my iphone 4S in the left strap 

pocket, doggy treats in the right strap zipper pocket, an extra water bottle in the bladder compartment, a leash in the main compartment, my wallet and keys in the water-proof zipper pocket, and my windbreaker bungeed to the front. More than enough space to hold everything I needed for the dog and myself. The thing that impressed me the most was how LIGHT the vest was on my back! I could barely feel it when empty, but once full, the weight was displaced so well that nothing really bounced or shifted duringmy run. Totally recommend this vest! So sad I have to give it back!

Finally, an update on how I am doing with the Ton of Fun Challenge at work… I lost 1lb!!!! Yippee! All this running is paying off! I have increased my mileage from ~15 miles per week to 20-25 miles per week, plus gym workouts. In addition, going vegan has helped my body to rid of excess bloat, mucus, and toxins, ultimately helping me “lose” weight. I know the idea of being vegan makes some people cringe, but for me it is the right choice. I made a mistake and indulged in a shortcake topped with whipped cream and fruit for dessert last night… and I was hurting this morning. I had a sugar and dairy hangover! I know my “cheats” are bad, but they serve as a reminder for why I chose to become vegan in the first place: to feel great!


Program update: WHO HAS 2014 RESOLUTIONS THEY HAVE ALREADY BROKEN? I will be hosting a 14-day Recharge you Resolutions Bootcamp next month (February). Keep an eye out for a blog post with more details, and a link for early bird pricing!!!! Who’s in to learn how to eat clean and lose weight without dieting?!

“Half-Past” January

I title this post “Half-Past January” because it is halfway through the month and my dear friend Sam Jones from Manchester, England, weirdly says 5:30 pm as “half-past five.” I thought I was being clever… but now I am thinking I should have never tried to explain it. Anyways…

Fifteen days into my Run-a-Day 2014 Challenge. I have NEVER run this many days in a row IN MY LIFE! Yesterday I ran my usual two-point-something miles, but since I was working out with a client, I added a well-rounded glute workout followed by various planks, push-ups, and dips. Since THAT didn’t seem like enough, I ended my night with a 50-minute indoor coed soccer game. It was a pretty good workout. I always forget how difficult sprinting and cutting from side-to-side are, so I guess I should be adding speed workouts to my schedule.

****Other random accomplishment: Monday 1/13/14 I ran a 8:27 mile to Chipotle in my “new” New Balance 870s, after I completed a almost-2-mile workout. I guess I was really hungry.

Today, after a loooooong day of work (9:30 am- 8:00 pm) and skipping my lunch break (thank goodness I take my supplements), I decided to take the hubby on a run. Halfway through the 3.4-mile run my glutes decided to freeze up and my legs went numb. I demanded Ben (the hubby) to go on without me, but like a good comrade, he chose to stay with his tiring wife. Well, I made it! Good thing I was wearing my brand-new Brooks Pure Cadence 3’s!!!! Love this shoe! Super light-weight with a mild touch of stability, this little gem of the Brooks Pure line kept me moving forward out of pure excitement of having them on my tired feet.

With Cherry Blossom 10-miler in the near future (early-April) and Nike Women’s Half in the less-near future (late-April), I should probably be adding some sort of long run to my weekend workouts. I’m going for a 5-miler this weekend, so if anyone wants to join me… let me know! I’d love company!

Finally, tomorrow is my second weigh-in for the Ton of Fun Challenge hosted by Fleet Feet Sports Gaithersburg, my place of work. The goal is to lose 2% of body weight in 6 weeks, and a total of 5% in 12 weeks. Last Thursday I weighed in at a heavy 59.4 kg, clearly still holding onto my holiday weight. I know this is not overweight by any means, but I am most comfortable in the 55.9-56.8 kg range. It’s not a poor body image thing, but rather wanting to feel healthy, vibrant and full of energy. I know my consumption of animal products (eggs, CHEESE, and some fish) in the past 7 months has lead me to build up toxins and bloat, so I am glad I chose to become vegan again to help with my detox… before my actual detox.

Final, FINAL note: This February I will be leading a 28-day Recharge your Resolutions Bootcamp. I need at least 5 people to join to make it happen. The Bootcamp will include: Email support, Weekly eBook guides, Recipes, Workouts, a healthy eating eBook series, weight management tracker, meal planner and shopping list, and a Private Facebook Group for peer-support. The price of the program will be around $120, and I will be giving generous discounts for one-on-one coaching sessions to those participating. Message me if you’re interested!!! Click here to LIKE to my Facebook Page!

Week of Treadmill Running is OVER!

Day 12/265:

Still going strong with my Run-a-Day Challenge (Follow me on Instagram: mbrooksfit #rad2014). Because of my terrible quad cramp last weekend, I took it easy last week with daily 2 to 3-mile treadmill runs (set on “hills” of course!), and light strength training. Thursday was my first day back on the streets for a 5k distance, and it was so much fun! I forgot what it was like to TURN during my runs, breath fresh, crisp air, and weave around testy terrain. I actually liked running. Weird.

I just wanted to make a note that I owe my healthy quad to LOTS of muscle massage with Trigger Point foam rollers and Addaday Type B rollers. Working out all that lactic acid wasn’t easy, or painless, but I did it. Also, hydration is KEY to recovery and performance! Drink plenty of water to prevent cramping and maintain blood pressure. If you’re a heavy SWEAT-er, then use electrolyte-enhanced beverages like NUUN tablets or Hammer HEED. That is all.

Enough with the good news, now I have to be honest with myself. I’ve been a very bad vegan this week. I know I’ve committed before and should have been prepared. I know it’s all about planning ahead to have vegan-friendly options available. I KNOW I just added this 2014 goal only a week ago, and am already struggling! Well, I had a few weak moments with “Top the Tater” dip, and a couple plates of scrambled eggs during a sock-monkey and breakfast-themed post-holiday party for work. I think I got it all out of my system… as long as I don’t eat cheese. Or “drug-cheese” as I call it, because it is so addicting.

Finally, I have joined a weight-loss challenge at work. I have 6 (now 5) weeks to lose 2% of my body weight, and 12 (now 11) weeks to lose a total of 5% body weight. I know I’m not a humongous person, but I know when I can preform most efficiently and it was 5-7 lbs of Holiday treats ago. I will probably do a winter detox (anti-inflammatory detox) in a couple weeks, so stay tuned for details on my detox experience. (Let me know if you want to join me and I will set up a full guided detox open to the public!)

Not everything goes your way.

I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason,” but sometimes… just sometimes I get pissed off at things not going my way.

Example #1: My quad is still broken, even with tons of foam rolling and hydration. (Last night I had to run my 2 miles on a treadmill set to 4.7 mph, but I did it.)

Example #2: My perfect townhome… that I had an appointment to see tomorrow… just got signed today. Unfair. That place was so beautiful, and zen.

Example #3: I didn’t realize my apartment lease was up February 7th, but it is! And I didn’t give my notice in time to avoid having to pay month-to-month, which is $500 more!

But I guess it all happened for a reason. Maybe if my quad wasn’t gimpy I would run myself into the ground with my Run-a-Day Challenge (#rad2014). Maybe if that townhome was taken before I got to it I would have to deal with a horrible termite infestation. And MAYBE if I didn’t realize my lease was up next month I would be forced to move into a home that was less than par, for my standards.

Staying positive.

Well I decided to up my Run-a-Day Challenge goal to a 2-mile minimum per day. It is 19 degrees outside, with a windchill that makes it feel like 0 degrees. I guess it’s the treadmill again.

Oh, and I’m now vegan.

Man Down!

Day 5 of my Run-a-Day Challenge. Was feeling really strong with a fun 4.75 miler yesterday through the ice and snow, and a short 1-miler/gym workout the day before. Today is a different situation. Already dealing with a painful periformis, my left quadricep decided to tear in half after a quick trip to the bathroom last night. While getting back into bed I bent my legs to get under the covers, and suddenly my left quad seized as if it was being torn in half (cramping x 400!). I can easily say that this was THE WORST leg cramp I have ever experienced. It is now the next evening and I still feel as if there is a tiny elf inside my leg just turning an even tinier knife through my quad. NOT FUN. Stairs, impossible. Getting in a car, embarrassing. Pivoting, ha! In conclusion, I’m hoping that is was JUST a cramp, and not a strain. 

Cramp treatment: hydrating, ibuprofen, hydrating, massage, hydrating, gentle stretching, hydrating, and light exercise.

That said. I will be hitting the treadmill for a very gentle 1 mile run. #nevergiveup

The Weather Calls for… SNOW!

January 2nd, 2014: 2 days into my “Run-a-Day” Challenge and I am already 2 for 2!!!

First run of the new year was a short 2 miler, but HEY! I did it! Running was the perfect way to detox from the few cocktails I imbibed in the night before. Tonight, run #2, was the most perfect conditions! Large snow flakes falling from the sky and collecting in my hair, and there was at least a half inch of crunchiness on the ground. It was like trail running without the trail! I didn’t run very quick (10-minute miles), but had a freakin’ blast running through the winter wonderland!Snowy RunTomorrow calls for 22 degrees F, and wind chills of -3 degrees F. Can’t wait for run #3!

Welcome 2014!

I made it through another year! And 2013 was fabulous! I became certified as a health coach, got a new job with an amazing running community, ran a couple half marathons, oh, and I got married! That said, I am super excited to see what will come this year!

I have a few goals to accomplish:

– Break 2:00 for my half marathon time (Nike Womens Half DC in April!)

-Join a CrossFit-like gym… and get ripped!

-Start a YouTube fitness channel

-Become more spiritual, reignite my yoga practice and begin a tradition of daily meditation.

-“Run-a-Day Challenge” Run at least 1 mile EVERY day for a month. Once I accomplish running everyday for a month, then 3 months, then 6, and finally a YEAR! Wish me luck! #RaD2014

-Become a certified ACSM Personal Trainer

-Get back on track with my plant-based diet: JUICING, SMOOTHIES, RAW FOODS, VEGAN (mostly)

Now for my first run of 2014…